Doing Business in Rural West Cheshire – Top Tips

Doing Business in Rural West Cheshire

  1. Know your internet – Talk to the Connecting Cheshire about what is available in your area and how you can get the best speeds and competitive price as possible.
  2. Identify wifi hotspots – or Internet-enabled locations – in your area. Don’t forget the library for wifi or public internet access.
  3. Make sure your website is fully functional on all devices to make the most of your online presence.
  4. Join online forums or social networks. Isolation can be hard when you’re living in a rural area and your nearest neighbour is miles away. Stay connected with peers by joining social networks relevant to your industry or other professional networks where you can get answers to business questions hear about the latest trends or just have contact with other people.
  5. Join networking events in your area. Look out our for our “Rural Growth in West Cheshire Business Breakfast” coming in the New Year.
  6. Promote your rural location as part of your business; it can add value.
  7. Take advantage of online resources like FindIt
  8. Take advantage of small town friendliness to find your local support services. For example, who will receive a package for you? Besides the office supply, where can you make a quick photocopy?
  9. Be sure you track your mileage every time you drive somewhere for business.
  10. Consider your business insurance coverage. Rates can be cheaper in rural areas, so don’t just ignore it.
  11. Check for small business services at your local schools there may be an economic development person, a business incubator, or a business support service. You may be able to access wifi, equipment, basic services, a conference room or even high quality video conferencing at low or no cost.